Barton Chart Recorder Parts

This is a list of the Barton Chart Recorder Parts we Carry


Alignment Pens
Arm – 45 Degree
Arm – 90 Degree
Bellows Locking Bolt
Bellows Tie Rod
Center Plate
Chart Plate
Chart Plate Holder
Clock Post
Clock Post Extension
Cover Plate
Dampner Bushing
Differential Drive Arm
Door Bushing
Door Glass Clip
Door Handle/J Hook Assembly
Door Hinge
Door Latch
Door Stop
Door Stop Bushing
End Cap – High Pressure
End Cap – Low Pressure
Hole Plug
Lock Nut
Over Range Stop
Pen Arm
Pen Lifter
Pen Mount Assembly
Pen Shaft – 1st from Chart
Pen Shaft – 2nd from Chart
Pen Shaft – 3rd from Chart
Pipe Mount Bracket
Pressure Bracket
Push Rod
Range Arm
Range Spring
Spring Post
Static Drive Arm
Static Element
Static Line (BCC Tube)
Temperature Element
Temperature Plate
Torque Tube
Torque Tube Drive Arm
Torque Tube Sleeve